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Escape the Grind with some Bump-and-Grind

You've been working hard all week, don't you deserve something extra-special? When it comes to Las Vegas nightlife, it's hard to beat places like the Sapphire strip club. You can already imagine it - walking up to a great seat right by the stage, watching dozens of hot women all shaking their best assets for you to enjoy. Time for a reality check - getting a hot dancer's attention at Sapphire is like trying to get a bartender at the hottest club on the strip - you're going to have to fight your way through a huge crowd of loud, drunk patrons for a glimpse at that perfect 10 that's showing her moves onstage. Where's the fun in that? The solution? Bring your own stripper - it's what the high rollers do!

Your Round-Trip Ticket to Pleasure Paradise

So you want to hit up the Las Vegas Sapphire club, but you're having trouble making sense of the limo setup. Is the ride there really free? How much is it if you get the wrong limo? What's that "Live Entertainment Fee" you suddenly see on your strip club tab? Come on - having a great night out shouldn't be this hard! Make it easier by getting the strippers YOU like when and where you want them - even if that means you want to hire a stripper in Las Vegas tonight. No cover charges, no complicated "specials", no worry about how to get back to the hotel room with your hot date - you'll already be there, enjoying your own private dancer in the comfort of your room.

Get a Sure Thing at Sapphire Las Vegas

Is she into you, or does she just want to get you to the VIP room? Let's be honest - the only way to know for sure that a hot chick isn't going to wander over to another strip club patron is if you bring her in with you. Thankfully, getting a date to go to Sin City's hottest strip clubs like Sapphire Las Vegas only takes a phone call or a message online, which will put you in touch with an unbelievably gorgeous stripper for hire in Vegas. Once she arrives dressed to kill, the two of you can head out to the strip club to have a little fun and set the mood before you come back to the hotel for some private dances you'll never forget.

sapphireclubVegas Adult Entertainment On Your Terms

The music is pumping, your dancer's really into the...beat...and you're on cloud nine as she grinds and sways in your lap. Then...the song abruptly ends and she climbs off of you and onto the next guy. Not exactly the connection you were hoping for - but don't worry! You'll never have to deal with this scenario when you hire private strippers in Las Vegas. Without the worry of coaxing men to the VIP room or trying to sell bottle service, your private dancer can concentrate on satisfying your fantasy all night long! You can even choose the music you love or ask your dancer to wear a particular outfit or "look" that really excites you - she's ready to make your dreams come true with a sexy little smile just for you.

Get Your Party On, Las Vegas Strip Club Style

If you or a buddy's getting married, hiring a stripper in Las Vegas is a must. You don't really want to go to a club and have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers, right? No, you want to mix, mingle and joke with the guest of honor without being deafened by DJ sets or robbed by high door fees. Throw a bangin' party right there in your hotel suite and you may never want to waste time at places like Sapphire Las Vegas again! Even if you wind down after a night in the club back at the hotel, a private stripper enhances certain aspects of the evening in ways you can't even imagine. Want to know the big secret? Book an appointment right now and find out for yourself.

Rotations Are For Suckers

Do you want to watch as mediocre girl after mediocre girl struts out onto tiny, dim stages all night, hoping your dream girl shows up? Of course not - you're a discerning man who knows exactly what he wants in an exotic dancer. Cut to the chase and book an incredible night when you review profiles - complete with pictures! - online and choose exactly which girl or girls you want writhing in your lap to music later on that night. You aren't just a VIP to your Vegas stripper for hire, you're the only man she has eyes for. Don't leave her waiting, man - she can't wait to show you that "special thing" she does that'll blow your mind!

Lovely Ladies That Lift the Limits

Straight up guys, there are lots of little rules and regulations that get in the way of a good time at clubs like the Sapphire Las Vegas. Sure, they need to have these in place because some guys don't know how to act, but that's not you - so why should you deal with them? When you hire a Las Vegas stripper to put on a "show" in your hotel room, it's just you and her - no bouncer giving you dirty looks, no DJs cutting the song short, just a whole night of naughty fun ahead of you with your imagination as the only limit. As your evening companion shows you just how flexible an A-list dancer can be, you'll be glad you sidestepped the tourist route - trust me!

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