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Vegas StrippersHot & Naked Las Vegas Strippers For You

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what draws men to strip clubsthe naked girls certainly have a lot to do with it. It's more than that, though. Many of the men who go to strip clubs have beautiful wives or girlfriends at home, and in some cases they have the looks, charm or money to be quite successful with beautiful women in nightclubs or bars. The Las Vegas strip club, however, provides the chance to see many beautiful naked or nearly-naked women in a single night, with no guilt or fear. There is no pressure in a strip club”the girls will get naked whether the man is on his game or not, and chances are the dancer will talk to him and spend a little time with him even if he's not the most desirable guy in the room. Old men feel younger in a strip club, young men feel more manly, and average looking men feel like movie stars. The strip club is the ultimate male fantasy, with no pressure, no expectations and little down-side. It's the ultimate entertainment venue, really. There's good music, free-flowing drinks, friendly waitresses and, of course, naked strippers. You get to chat with beautiful, often model-quality women who might not give you the time of day in a nightclub and, best of all, they are already at least half naked when the conversation begins.

Why Las Vegas Boasts Some of the Best Strip Clubs in the World

When evaluating strip clubs, you look at several factors, such as cost, ambiance, friendliness of the staff, location, etc. The most important factor by far, though, is the quality and desirability of the strippers who work there. This is what makes Sin City such a great location--the Las Vegas strippers are the best and most attractive in the world. Why? To put it simply, follow the money. People come to Las Vegas with an armload of disposable income, expecting to lose most of it in one way or another. If a guys dumps a few thousand in a club for the attention of a beautiful woman, in his mind it's better than losing it on a slot machine. Nowhere else in the world can a woman find so many men with so much money being so willing to spend it on an evening's entertainment. If a beautiful woman wants to make a lot of money as a stripper, she would be foolish not to do it in Sin City.

It also doesn't hurt that sex is such a huge part of the mainstream in Sin City. There are sexy ads, scantily-clad cocktail waitresses and risque shows everywhere in the city. There is no shame in being a stripper in Vegas--it's a celebrated occupation like many others. There are no church groups protesting gentlemen's clubs in Vegas--it's more likely that you'll see the reverend waiting to get in for happy hour.

With all of the benefits in mind, what could possibly be wrong with strip clubs? What's not to like? Well, there are some drawbacks to Las Vegas strip clubs, especially for the solo male traveler or the traveler who goes to the wrong club. From the awkwardness of being alone to the competition to the let-down of the VIP room experience, there are things that can make a strip club visit less than perfect. Cost is another concern, especially if you stay at the club for along time. The cover charge, drinks for you and the occasional dancer of your choice and possibly private dances can add up to a large tab quickly.

Vegas GirlsOne Is The Loneliest Number; Dont Be Alone In Vegas

When a man walks into a strip club alone, there is a bit of awkwardness. Let's face it, you feel a little dirty, and not in a good way. It's human nature to feel self-conscious and perhaps worry a bit about what other people are thinking about you. Are they thinking you're such a loser that you not only are desperate to see a naked female body, but you don't even have any friends to come with you? These fears are unfounded, of course. Everyone is there for the same reason”to have a good time. Nobody is really thinking about anything but the lovely visions on the stage, and soon you'll be engrossed in the show, too, and your self-consciousness will pass. Still for that first minute or two, what should be a pleasant experience can be kind of unnerving. After that, there is still just a little bit of an empty feeling”like you're having this wonderful experience but have nobody to share it with.

Dont Struggle To Get The Attention Of Your Favorite Dancer

The other problem with strip clubs is competition. On the one hand, it's great to be in a crowded club because there are more dancers available and more of a party atmosphere. On the other hand, the more crowded a club is, the more guys just like you will be around trying to catch the attention of your favorite dancer. This type of competition can manifest itself in many ways. At the very least, the girls will have less time to spend with each customer, so you may not get the sort of relaxed conversation you might be looking forward to with your favorite stripper.

You might find that you don't get the chance to sit with your favorite dancer and have a drink together in a crowded club, or you may not get the chance to sneak back with her to the VIP room and have a private dance. In a worst case scenario, you find yourself having to elbow your way to the stage just to get a chance to give a particularly hot dancer a tip. True, if you look like Tom Cruise or flash around a wad of cash that would make Donald Trump drool you might be able to get more attention than most, but really, if you wanted intense competition, wouldn't you just go to a nightclub?

Sin CityThe Strip Club's Awkward VIP Room

How could a strip club's VIP room or Champagne Room, as some call it, possibly be a bad thing? It allows intimate, private time with the dancers, a chance to allow your favorite stripper to dance just for you for a song or two. Well, first off, it's expensive”probably far too expensive for the amount of time you actually get, especially when you consider your other entertainment options. It's also not quite as intimate as you may expect. You are usually under the uncomfortable, watchful eye of large, angry-looking bouncers the whole time, so you might be afraid to hold hands with a dancer, much less touch her in a more intimate way. All things being equal, the VIP room can be the strip club equivalent of having a date with a farm girl in her living room while her daddy sits there and cleans his shotgun. Fun.

Not all Sin City strip clubs are created equal, and which one you choose does matter. As a general rule, the bigger, more famous clubs like Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas, Sapphire Las Vegas, Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas and Palomino Club Las Vegas are all nice places, but even there you need to be sure that they match your preferences. Some may not offer full nudity, some may not serve alcohol, and some may not be located in the sort of neighborhood you want to hang around in after midnight. Outside of these bigger clubs, there are a plethora of smaller places that offer some of the less desirable strippers in Vegas. These places also tend to attract some of the shadier hustlers Las Vegas has to offer, so it would a good idea for you to check out a club thoroughly before going there.

With the help of Las Vegas strippers, you can have the party go on as long as you want it to. Imagine hanging out in the strip club for a few hours, enjoying the sights, the teasing, the playing, and then walking out arm in arm with your stripper date. The cab ride will be a lot more exciting when you can catch a glimpse of cleavage, or a succulent thigh. Maybe she'll put a hand on your knee or lean against you, allowing you to inhale her delicious perfume. Do you feel the anticipation? Now you know your night is far from over.

Las Vegas StrippersThe Amazing and Incredible Sin City Stripper Girls Direct To You

An alternative, or perhaps an enhancement, to the Las Vegas Strip clubs scene is the independent or agency Las Vegas stripper. These are girls that you can request to be sent direct to you, either to perform for you in your room, or to accompany you for an evening's entertainment, with the strip-tease to follow later. The advantage of these girls is, first and foremost, that you can choose the exact girl that you want. A good agency will offer a wide variety of women of different ages, ethnicity's and body types. Usually, there will be a catalog of sorts online, allowing you to view pictures and read descriptions of each entertainer, including their specialties, likes and dislikes.

This is your time to be selfish and find the exact girl you want. If you want a blonde, ask for a blonde. If you've always fantasized about a fiery redhead, make your fantasy come true for a night. Another great thing about this arrangement is that the girl will be there to entertain you and you alone”there is no vying for attention or worrying that she'll sneak off with somebody better looking or wearing a nicer suit. This woman is yours for as long as you've requested her for. Some cynical men might also appreciate another advantage to this arrangement--unlike wives and girlfriends, she will leave when you tell her to, a well.

How Las Vegas Strippers Can Help You Make an Entrance

So why on earth would you hire a Las Vegas stripper to accompany you to a strip club? Isn't that overkill? Well, there are some things in life that you just can't get enough of, and naked women are certainly high on that list. Choosing to bring one of the loveliest girls Las Vegas has to offer with you to a strip club comes with many unexpected benefits, starting right from the moment that you walk through the front door.

These stunning Las Vegas Strippers are amazing and waiting for you

For starters, bringing a Sin City stripper with you to a gentleman's club would mean that you're not going in alone. If you're actually worried about appearances and what people think as you walk in the door, imagine the difference in perception between coming in alone and strutting in with a gorgeous woman by your side. There are definite logistical benefits to this kind of entry, too. You'll find when you're bringing another beauty into an upscale Las Vegas strip club like Spearmint Rhino or Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas, you are treated quite differently. On a busy night, you probably won't wait as long. You'll almost certainly get a better table, as close to the action as possible. You might even find that they let you slide through without a cover charge. You'll also find that waitresses are much more attentive and even the bouncers aren't glaring at you quite as much.

Girls Direct To YouGet The Attention You Deserve From A Stunning Girl In Las Vegas

The reasons for this unusual phenomenon are simple and, as usual, economic. A strip club is designed to attract men who want to see beautiful women. The clubs pay these beautiful women to dance there so that they can make money on drinks, cover charges and a percentage of tips. The more beautiful women there are in a club, the more men will like it and tell their friends about it. When Vegas girls come to a club as a guest, they are essentially free added entertainment, another pretty face for men to look at and tell their friends about. This ultimately makes more money for everyone in the club”it's no wonder men who walk into a club with a beautiful woman gets such a warm welcome.

We've already discussed how warmly you'll be welcomed into a Las Vegas strip club with a lovely lady at your side, and how attentive some staff will be. You will also find that the competition with other men for the attention of dancers becomes quite a bit easier. Some men will actually be distracted from the dancers by sneaking glances at your date. The men won't be the only ones looking, either. Most dancers tend to be very open-minded sexually, and they may get as turned on by seeing a beautiful woman as you do.

Female patrons in a strip club are a nice change of pace for them, too, a chance to try some different moves to please a different type of audience. Plus, they may see you as being safe”obviously this lovely vision would not be sitting next to you if you were a creep or a weirdo. Dancers will not only be more likely to approach you, but they will be much friendlier and you might even get to witness some fun flirtation between the girls, something you'll obviously miss if you come alone. If it's late in the evening or the club is slow, the flirtation might even get a bit more intense, into the realm of more "PG-13" entertainment. Don't get jealous--you're the one who gets to go home with her.

Sometimes having a beautiful woman with you in a strip club can lead to a different kind of competition. Las Vegas strippers might see a beautiful woman as a challenge, someone they need to overcome for your affection. You might find yourself in the very enviable position of having two gorgeous females essentially fighting over you, trying to Outsexy each other and prove to you that they're the one you should be with. They might also lavish affection on you, trying to make each other jealous. Does this sound like fun to you?

Sexy Vegas StrippersA Different Kind of Competition - Over Your Affection

Let's say, for example, that you're a fairly good-looking guy, not the sort who would ordinarily turn heads, but certainly not bad. On a busy night in a strip club, maybe you'd get a girl to sit with you, maybe you wouldn't. If she did, she might have a drink, talk for a few minutes, and move on, unless you had some kind of unexpected connection or you asked her to go to the VIP room. Now imagine you've brought one of the hottest Sin City strippers you could find with you. Imagine your stripper friend is sitting close to you, maybe stroking your leg, rubbing your back or just giving you an occasional kiss. The dancer will be jealous and want to prove she can do it better and win your attention. She may sit close on the other side, leaning into you, whispering into your ear about all the talents she possesses that she thinks the other girl does not. She may try to lure you away alone for a private dance to show you, or she may just climb into your lap in front of your date to make her more jealous.

Another Look At The Boring VIP Room

Remember that boring, expensive, scrutinized VIP room we talked about? The experience might be a little different when you bring your date and the club stripper back with you for a Threesome. First of all, bouncers generally couldn't care less what you do with your date, so you will likely be able to let your hands roam as freely over her body as you want (within whatever limits you and she have agreed upon). Bouncers also enjoy a good show themselves, so they are not likely to break up any contact between the two girls. If the girls happen to be making out and groping each other indiscriminately on your lap, well, so be it. The only real problem with the VIP room in this situation is it may be even more expensive for you, because there is no way you're going to be ready to leave after one or two songs.

Some men dream bigger than others, and Sin City is the place to break out that bucket list and dream big. Walking into a gentleman's club with a beautiful woman on your arm is a memorable experience, but having a gorgeous stripper on EACH arm elevates you instantly to "Rock star" status. Suddenly you're a less-creepy version of Hugh Hefner (yes, you can wear the robe, if you want, as long as the club doesn't have a dress code).

Two Is BetterIf One Is Great, Two Will Be Absolutely Amazing

All heads will turn to see the luckiest freaking guy on the planet and the two lovelies beside him. All of the aforementioned benefits are amplified exponentially as suddenly all activity in the room revolves around you and your friends. As the late, great Rodney Dangerfield once said, "I love two girls at once--if I fall asleep they've got each other to talk to." Sleep is unlikely for you in this scenario, though, because you won't want to miss a minute of this.

The disappointing thing about a strip club is that at some point the party is going to end. The club is going to close or you're going to run out of money or your favorite dancers will go off shift or something. Then you take a long, lonely cab ride back to your hotel room alone. It's the ultimate tease with the ultimate letdown, going home to a lonely room after the thrill of watching beautiful women removing their clothing. It doesn't necessarily have to be that way, though.

When the Party is Over; These Girls Still Don't Stop

You and your date return to your room. Keep in mind that she has been with you all evening--she knows what the other girls did that really turned you on. She is aware of your favorite moves and knows just what it takes to make your temperature rise. Couple this with the fact that she's your exact type--after all, you chose her specifically out of all the strippers in Las Vegas, and it should soon become apparent that you are in for one wild night of adult entertainment. Your date will soon demonstrate that she does not need a pole or a VIP room to show you moves that will put all those girls back in the club to shame.

Keep in mind that there are no bouncers in your room, either. No managers, no cocktail waitresses interrupting you or hustling for tips. It's just you and the woman of your dreams. The only rules are the ones you've already agreed upon together, and the only time limit is how long you've asked her to stay. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but you're going to have a hard time not talking to your friends about what a wild adventure you've had when the time finally comes for you to reluctantly go home.

Is all this too much for you? You're only a mere mortal, after all--how can you be expected to handle seeing dozens of beautiful girls in Sin City and then bring one back to your room with you. Well, the truth is, you can probably handle it just fine, but maybe it's not really your thing. Maybe the clubs are too loud, too crowded or just not quite intimate enough for you. That's okay, too. There are plenty of other sights to see in Vegas, not the least of which being your chosen Sin City stripper herself.

Hot Vegas StrippersSkipping the Strip Club

Once you accept the idea that strippers are not strictly in-room adult entertainment, a world of possibilities is open for you. Why not hire a stripper to accompany you to a show, or to a nice dinner, or even to play a few hands of blackjack in the casino? Imagine walking into a nightclub with one of the most gorgeous girls Las Vegas has to offer on your arm.

There would be no waiting in the "Hope" line for you--the doorman will be tripping over his own tongue on the way to move the rope to let you and your lady friend in. And when the time comes to dance....Well, imagine the moves a professional stripper can show you on the dance floor, and imagine you jealous every other man in the club will be while she grinds against you. The only danger is that you'll get kicked out for too much inappropriate contact on the dance floor. If that happens, oh well, I guess you'll just have to go back to your room for more inappropriate contact.

That, by the way, is the beauty of hiring Las Vegas strippers--no matter how the night begins, it always ends in the same place: your hotel room. Whether the night begins at a strip club or a church bingo game, when the time comes to take the party to the next level, you and your lovely lady will be coming back home together. This is not to say that the party can't start and end in your own room--if you want this lovely lady to your self all evening, you can bet she won't mind.

Here is just one final word to the wise. The city of Las Vegas is all about hedonistic entertainment. It's a place to lower your boundaries, forget your inhibitions and be the man you've always wished you could be. Entertainers, casino hosts, waitresses, strippers and other people in Sin City understand that and want to make that happen for you, but as much as it's about you, you need to remember that these people are just that, people. Just because you're paying someone for their time does not give you the right to be mean, rude or condescending to them. You'll find that if you treat your time together as an actual date, and give the woman with you the respect and attention that she deserves, the night will be much more fun for everyone involved.

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